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Chetan began his insurance career with a sales position. Although he immediately took a shine to the industry, his passion for problem solving and his data-oriented nature led him to being more interested in claims.


Chetan also likes helping people in need. That’s why, when the Fort McMurray fire devastated parts of Alberta, he volunteered to help with the massive volume of claims that resulted.


Now Chetan is working on his Chartered Insurance Professional (CIP) designation. For him, this is a key step toward continuing his career growth, as well as a way of adding to the knowledge he’s already gained through experience. The more he knows, the better positioned he’ll be to help his clients.




The personal side

Fond of sports, Chetan enjoys watching and playing soccer. He’s also an avid coder and shares his computer expertise by volunteering at the Toronto Public Library.

Chetan Grewal

Claims Specialist, Broker Accounts


Some people like dealing with data, while others prefer working with people. Chetan

Grewal excels at both. This dual nature makes him perfectly suited for his role as

claims specialist in charge of broker accounts.


In this position, Chetan uses his analytical skills to manage claims and keep records,

while his people skills are put to good use as he maintains correspondence, coordinates

with clients and advocates on behalf of the broker. When dealing with him, clients can expect

prompt and proactive assistance that is both accurate and thorough.

Key strengths & specialties

A charismatic leader, Chetan has held management positions. His insurance experience includes more than two years of claims experience, during which time he’s handled multiple types of claims, including:


• Auto claims

• Liability claims

• Catastrophe claims

• Subrogation


He’s able to manage a high volume of claims without sacrificing attention to detail. Very goal-oriented, when he starts a task, he makes sure he completes it. To ensure that he accomplishes everything at hand, he’s mastered the art of multitasking.

Fun facts

Claims Adjusting Specialty:



Claim to Fame:

Staying calm while being present.


Defining Career Traits:



Most Surprising Claim Experience:

Multicar pileup involving 12 vehicles.


Favorite Canadian Destination:

Victoria, BC


Unexpected Hobby:

Gaming, traveling and trying cuisines.


How to Contact Chetan:

Phone: 905-867-7605

Email: chetan.grewal@dsbclaims.com



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