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Dara Banga, FCIP, CFEI


Chief Adjusting Officer

In the fast-paced, dollar-driven industry of insurance claims adjusting, Dara Banga and his team at DSB Claims are defined by their unwavering focus on service and quality.

As the President and Chief Adjusting Officer of DSB Claims, Dara is the leader who planted the service stake in the ground when he established the company in 2012. Dara had 18 years of experience in the insurance industry so he recognized the need for a premier service model. “Most adjusting firms focus on volume and speed.

We focus on people and the facts. When a policyholder’s claim is well-managed, the likelihood of renewal is high. We want to be the firm that inspires business retention.”



Interestingly, Dara didn’t start his career in the insurance industry. As a young man, he grew up in the family furniture business. It wasn’t long until he was bitten by the entrepreneurial bug and spearheaded the launch of three independent retail furniture companies. Unfortunately, one of his furniture businesses burned, imparting an early lesson on value of good insurance. It was during that insurance encounter that he first learned about the field of independent claims adjusting. The adjuster assigned to his claim was impressive and Dara took note that someday he might like to work as an independent claims adjuster.


Eventually, Dara sold his furniture businesses, obtained his insurance license and took his first step into the insurance industry, accepting a position as an account executive for an insurance brokerage. All the while, his long-term goal was to become an adjuster. In 2000, he began working as a claims analyst and you might say it was destiny.



The personal side

In addition to running his business, Dara is active in the industry, serving formerly as the Toronto delegate for the Ontario Insurance Adjusters Association (OIAA) and formerly as the Secretary of the Canadian Independent Adjusters Association (CIAA). He and his team actively pursue continuing education, recognizing that knowledge and expertise are the cornerstones of great quality and service.


Dara holds a Fellow Chartered Insurance Professional designation and is a certified Fire and Explosion Investigator as well as a Water, Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration and Applied Microbial Remediation Technician. Married, with three children, Dara enjoys spending time with his family. Contrary to what you’d expect from an “insurance guy,” he also has an appreciation for fast cars and racing.



Key strengths & specialties

Dara quickly discovered that his personal strengths which included attention to detail, curiosity, communication, empathy and time management were the perfect match for the independent adjuster job description. And because he was so well-suited for the position, he quickly achieved top producer status, continuously raising the bar and uncovering new ways to innovate and enhance service. “I believe you should be passionate and love what you do. When people love their jobs, it becomes obvious to everyone around them. Throughout my career, I’ve enthusiastically done the best job possible in every circumstance,” he says.


Today, Dara’s firm has become the go-to partner for discerning insurers, brokers and municipalities. His team specializes in property, municipal and liability claims – no matter the size or complexity. They are also frequently called on to rehabilitate “claims gone wrong”. When one of Canada’s most costly natural disaster, the Toronto Flood, struck in 2013, many insurers turned to DSB Claims for professional, reliable service. And, it’s no surprise that policyholders served by Dara’s team during this crisis unilaterally gave the firm an A+ rating for service and said they planned to renew their policies.



Fun facts

Claims Adjusting Specialty:

High Net Worth, Estates, Complex Residential and Commercial Property Claims.


Claim to Fame:

Setting new standards in claims service


Defining Career Traits:

Listening and empathy


Most Surprising Claim Experience:

An insured who threatened suicide


Favorite Canadian Destination:

Banff, Alberta


Unexpected Hobby:

Car racing


How to Contact Dara:

Phone: 416-400-8933

Email: dara.banga@dsbclaims.com

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