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"We have recently had cause to make a serious claim through our policy held with “Insurance Co.”   We arrived home from the cottage in late August to find a water pipe had separated in the kitchen with much damage done to both the kitchen level and the downstairs.  We immediately contacted your claims department.  This would have been about 8:00 pm.

This was a major trauma for us as we suddenly had a house that didn’t work.  From the moment we talked with your claims agent we were assured that we were in good hands and that we would be looked after.  I was given a claim number at that time and told a claims adjuster would see us tomorrow. At 8:30 am the next day, Dara Banga was at the door introducing himself as your adjuster.  By noon a cleanup/drying crew was at work and the recovery had begun. I am writing this note to you to tell you that every company and individual person involved in repairing our home was excellent to work with and delivered the highest standard of service and performance that one could ask for or expect.  These were:

         -DBS Claims Solutions:  Dara Banga

        -Flood Services Canada:   Glenn, Chad, Leonard

        - TM Contractors:   Tico and Tony

        - Trinity Contents Management:  Corey Nunes

         -Design to Fit Interiors:  Paul Chattarpaul and Mona and James

And last but certainly not least, “Insurance Co.” Dara Banga has been superb in taking us through this trial. Our home has been returned to its pre-flood state thanks to the efforts of all above. Many have asked and we are happy to tell them that we are with Guarantee Insurance and we are well looked after."


Peter and Marilee


"Neil was very helpful throughout the claim process and was very professional and courteous. Would definitely refer his services to anyone."


Umberto & Adrienne

"Excellent service and very helpful. Will continue to use our current insurer."



"While I was happy with DSB, I was disappointed with the service from the subcontractors as well and the assessment of the value of our kitchen. Specifically, the first contactor for the kitchen replacement was slow, and at times unprofessional. "


Christine and Dave

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"Perfect service provided"



"Dara was very fast to deal with problems in the basement and ensured that things were cleaned up promptly. The first company that was engaged to do the restoration dropped the ball in December and no work was done. Dara helped to resolve this quickly and put someone who was a perfect fit on the project. I found Marco to be an excellent communicator, personable, and able to do the work well."



"I felt very comfortable with Dara. He was efficient and extremely helpful and supportive of my circumstance. – Also very professional. "



"Amazing services and communication. DSB made a very stressful situation easier to deal with. We couldn’t be happier with the service and work complete. Thank you very much. You guys are incredible!"



"Excellent Service"



"My Confidence in my insurance company and DSB Claims has increased."



"I was very pleased with the service that was provided by Dara and appreciative of his professionalism!"


Elspeth and Andrew

"The only concern was waiting for the roofing contractor to confirm the final date to complete the work."



"I’m so lucky in other way because the DSB adjuster (Neil Castonguay) was really helpful. He told me everything what I need to prepare and he answered all my questions… Neil Castonguay is a very good and helpful DSB Adjuster."



"Always very professional."



"Very satisfied, great service."



"We are extremely happy with the service we have received and very appreciative of the service that Dara has provided us. Thank you."


Barry and Gale

"Not happy with the contractor for emergency at first! Everything else was ok."



"Dara, I wanted to personally thank you for the extra effort you put in during the handling of this claim.  Your excellent service was instrumental in the speedy and efficient resolution of the file.

I appreciate all of your diligence and hard work.  I look forward to any future claims we may have together."



"Love him!"



"Awesome! I’m so happy!!"


Eric and Debra

"Dara has been a pleasure to deal with during this unfortunate and disruptive experience. I always felt as though my concerns were being listened to and actioned in a timely manner and that Dara was always looking out for us and acting in our best interest."



"We were very pleased with Dara from DSB Claims. He went above and beyond to help our family during this difficult time. We are happy with our insurance company and would highly recommend them."


Jimmy & Mellisa

"These ratings are as per dealing with Dara Banga only; 100%."



"Neil is very knowledgeable as explained all aspects of the process to our satisfaction."



"Dara handled an exceptionally difficult situation in a timely, courteous and professional manner. He always returned my calls/emails in a timely manner and communicated the process well to me. I really appreciate his manner and the style with which he dealt with us. "



"My experience with Mr. Castonguay as my insurance adjuster was very good. His resolution and negotiation for common ground was good, no doubt this service can only be provided by someone with the knowledge and experience as Mr. Castonguay."



"Late payment"


Joyce and Rob

"The policy has not been renewed – not my choice."



"Dara, very good job from beginning to end."


Gregory and Linda

"I wish the insurance company was a little faster."



"Dara, fantastic service! I’ve not ever had such great service from anyone. Most impressed."


Barry and Gale

"Dara, very happy with the handling of the claim."


Rob and Lori

"My Adjuster Neil was very co-operative up to final report but my payment was delayed by the insurance company. I guess it was the fault of the insurance company but the adjuster Neil was a very good person to me. God bless him and good health in future."



"Dara Banga, the claims adjuster was marvelous to work with. He was courteous, thoughtful and considerate of the circumstances we were facing. He was professional and a pleasure to work with which helped us through a very difficult time."



"A good experience – coming out of a bad one. Dara was great, contractors a bit slow."



"Dara, great timely service. Telling everyone who will listen. "



"Very satisfied with D.S.B. in these hard times. Thank you Dara."



"Dara has been stellar, fair and guided us through our options. We are well satisfied and served."


Donald and Norma

"Very good, excellent service Dara."




"Brian, process is too long."



"Very pleased of working with Dara."



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